Milan – city of fashion, design, art, aperitifs, finance. Milan has many different aspects, too many to discover in a short stay, but there are some requisite highlights to at least begin to get to know the city. TheMilanose are the most important tourist attractions, the most representative architectural wonders, the most important institutions, the symbols of the city. These places of interest are summarised into a ‘classic’ itinerary that starts from Piazza del Duomo and, passing by the magnificent Castello Sforzesco, includes characteristic attractions such as the Navigli canal district, the Fashion Quadrilateral, Brera and the Pinacotecca art gallery. The Romanesque basilica of S.Ambrogio, wherein lie the remains of the city’s patron saint, and the Renaissance Santa Maria delle Grazie church with the Last Supper, a famous masterpiece , are also definitely not to be missed.